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Workshop: Auf den Punkt gebracht: Kernaussagen im Gespräch abrufbar zur Verfügung haben. Anmeldung und Programm zum Kompaktcoaching, 07.06.2019 im Berlin Capital Club   

About Dr. Martina Kloepfer, business rhetoric coach and trainer, voice communication trainer and voice-over professional

My technical training and numerous professional engagements put me directly in touch with the world of professional speaking — from pure communication and gestures to panel discussion and TV interview.

As a trainer and coach in business rhetoric I help executives give a compelling oral presentation. In my voice communication training capacity I help public speaking professionals refine their speech and voice techniques. Radio and television journalists will get the benefit of my professional voice experience to improve how they come across over the air.

My wide range of voice and speaking skills help you develop your own unique style by enhancing your personal strengths and working on those weaknesses. Using methods tailored to your nee

Enhance your presence in front of a public audience — and advance your career!

Would you like to know more about rhetoric training? Are you interested in training your vocal technique with a voice-over professional? Then contact me for more details. You can reach me at: 0049 (0) 30 78 71 43 18 or by email: info[at]