Rhetorisch fit & authentisch 

Workshop: Auf den Punkt gebracht: Kernaussagen im Gespräch abrufbar zur Verfügung haben. Anmeldung und Programm zum Kompaktcoaching, 07.06.2019 im Berlin Capital Club   

Don’t you think rhetoric, presentation and speech training would give you more confidence in front of an audience? Welcome to KloepferTraining!

You hold a management position and want to refine your public speaking skills, improve your large audience business presentations or convey a public statement clearly and comprehensibly? Or maybe you’d just like a professional to pin-point some problem areas and offer constructive criticism?

I offer individual training focusing on refining and reinforcing the skill set you need for effective presentation – from body language to voice

  • rhetoric or presentation training tailored to fit your needs
  • rhetoric seminars, workshops or practice presentations performed in groups in your business location or public institution
  • media training for TV and radio, from opinion to appearance
  • voice training and breathing techniques for powerful yet voice-conserving expression
  • for lectures and presentations with purpose, compelling speeches or business talks
  • stress and mishap management, keeping cool in crisis situations, elegant solutions for hecklers

As a trainer in business rhetoric, professional actor and voice talent, I combine the knowledge I acquired over the years in this area to help you build an inventory of efficient communication skills. This skill set contains all the tools you'll need to present your perspective to the public effectively and with confidence – whether in front of a microphone or a TV camera. 

Invest in your success; boost your career with KloepferTraining!

I would like to invite you to take a look around the pages of my website. Gather information, and have a listen to what I have on offer.

If you'd like to know more about my rhetoric, executive presentation and speech training let’s get in touch or arrange a one-to-one meeting. You can reach me by phone: 0049 (0) 30 78 71 43 18 or email:  info[at]